A Truism Remain

For pieces of silver Jesus Christ was sold
And people are murdered for money and gold
To the human mind known to be corruptible indeed
This thing often referred to as demon greed

But better for to live your life in an honourable way
For what goes around comes around seems true to say
For your sins against others there will be some price to pay
If the law does not catch up with you Karama will one day

Honourable people one has to admire
For taking advantage of others they feel no desire
Honest in their dealings they never tell lies
And they do not have the guilt of a wrongdoing to another for to disguise

You may embezzle and cheat and do others ill
But if the law does not catch up with you one day Karma will
What goes around comes around as a truism remain
And why this is so it's own self does explain.

by Francis Duggan

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