A Truism

Can a pretty young woman in her mid twenties love a balding gray haired old man
In his late seventies she may pretend that she can
Since he has lots of money and though well past his physical prime
He treats her as if she is a princess and buys her a good time

When she tells him she loves him her he does believe
Some people for money know how to deceive
Though all men grow older some of them does not grow wise
For love only too willing for to believe lies

That people need love in their lives not hard to understand
When in the park they always walk hand in hand
Her long brown hair blowing in the breeze as she looks him in the eyes
Some women their true feelings quite good to disguise

Ten times a grandfather he has had many loves in his life
His young beauty has accepted his marriage proposal she will be his fifth wife
Something you would have heard before that i will say again
That money speaks every language as a truism remain.

by Francis Duggan

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