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A Truth
EB ( / Earth)

A Truth

The Universe is God
You did not know?
They do not tell

The Universe is God
All within it too
Including You

Including You
The Universe is God
To God we are as senses are to us

Yet we don't see
See that we are part of he
Or she

Read that again
More carefully

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Hell and Heaven A big conundrum And God playing dice? That doesn't sound nice So why the hell Or why in heavens name Who will tell The meaning of this game Creations truth Or believers blues Too much to search And too little to find In a lifetime on this earth The meaning of life........... Well very thought provoking poem of yours Sir and splendid too. I am also a seeker on that path and I did find most of my answers on a logical level with Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev. You will find him on Youtube or on Isha blog, Isha web sites. please do visit my page and comment on my poems
The Universe is God All within it too Including You.........God in us andpresent everywhere.Thy presence isfelt even in smallest particles and here lies the essence of message. almost allthe epics say and reveal about it...well dome and it is beautifullu presented here.....10 read mine go back....i m disgrace...humble submission
Bhgwat Gita says that we are soul and god is supersoul.We are only a part of this supersoul.After our death we become one with this supersoul.The union of soul with supersoul is called salvation.You have conveyed this message very beatifully.Very good philosophical poem
The Truth, The cycle of Life, The Universe, Balance...Love..Lovely!
god is everywhere, even after our death.
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