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A Tuck With A Twist
(October 9,1948 / Dayton, Tennessee)

A Tuck With A Twist

Her ponytail swiveled; she even looked mean-
Not yet five feet tall though nearly fourteen.
Coach motioned to her; she knew what that meant
She couldn’t hold back and started to sprint.

Her hands met the mat; she flipped through the air.
Her landing was fine and perfectly square.
With all of her strength, she pushed off again
And flipped one more time-determined to win,

To beat all those doubts within and without.
Her feet touched the mat, and we heard her shout;
She muffled a cry; her face filled with pain.
She’d given her all. To all that was plain

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Her ponytail hung there - her leg in a cast;
She walked on her own but not very fast.
Some tears filled her eyes and mine just a bit;
She’d turned her last tuck but never did quit.

“But, Daddy, I tried as hard as I could.”
I answered, “I know. You really were good.”
“I know what you’re thinking. You think that you missed.
“You turned a back tuck then added a twist.”

“Yes, you did a stunt no one else could make.
“A tuck then a twist and then a full break.”
“There isn’t another girl in this state
“With that kind of courage. You really are great! ”

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Hi Mac, You tugged at my heart with this one, poet friend. Well done - the love shines through. Warm regards, CJ