A Tune Of A Breaking Heart

Poem By Gil Gregorio

Why is the wind timidly blow this day
that flowers are mantled by the clouds?
Why is the sun shines late its normal track
that days’r emptied by dawning light knocks;
For the cacophony of silence tear all walls
that even rocks torned like paper packs?

Why is the storm timidly ran berserk this time
that floods are walled by tiny bits of rains?
Why is the earthquake dance with the moon
that nights’r singing out clouds in gentle breeze;
For the clanging cymbal of woes torned to fore
that even the softest spot of heart burst to core?

How pains’d flow within streams of clattered spots
as joy is rare and happiness deluded every past?
Oh how gentle care is every hand with eyes aglow,
Only dream writes a brittle-dot of sleeping dew,
melting like snow by wind, raining when hiatus grow,
A tune of a breaking heart slides a slip as in tow!

Oh breaks of pain now gently overcome this piece
as this bard draw every scene when dark clouds nix;
With hopes that afflictions wouldn’t carry what he felt
to the Woman he loved much more than a snow flakes,
A simple heart that captures in slippery lanes shakes,
Only a miracle can meet us of time when dawn breaks!

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