AM (22/07/1989 / syrira)

A Turkish Trip

We have a big surprise
It’s going to a lovely paradise
I prefer to go to it twice
So keep it away from my eyes
Or you will lose your hearing from my cries

As we spent a lot of time in the air plane
We found our selves deep with pain
Because of the rain
That shocks the plane

We landed at Istanbul
We spread at it as we touched the mold
The weather here is sweet and cold

People here is brothers
In communicating with each others

I looked at place
Where it cheers up your face
It was a huge gun palace

Now we are heading an island
We don’t know anything about this high land
From my seat in liner
I noticed a beat of silence
It was my final
The island was TERMAL

If you want to book in this island a room
You will prefer to stay out soon
Because the prices are doomed
(I don’t care and I love this place)

We are now walking throw routes
Ready to get into the nearest boat
This was my father thought
As we crossed through the calm river
I found my self drawn with pressure
Because a girl has crossed over
Anyone gives me a cover
To forget my sudden lover
Let’s heal this suffer

Look over this city
Roam in the streets
You will find your self the only beat
Because for English there is no any seat
Here is the biggest dilemma
When you find a girl and you don’t know how to contact with
Her language is completely different
Her faith might be different
But her face is pleasant
This the way we contact
My heart was lost
Don’t ask why I didn’t shout
Or blame me about my delay
Because my heart is sailing away
I’m in the city (kock chadara)
Where it is full of pity
To guys (like me) whose dreams are pretty
Because English here is not known yet
So hold your dreams up because it hard get
Till every one knows English a bit
Then sail away with your girl and dreams that were kept
This is the hit

Unbelievable, the girl who I think about
Is sitting alone in coat
She is one of three sisters
They all aren’t sinister
They were living in the same street
At last, I discovered the cheat
There were always seeking for seat
A girl of them was my lover
The way she look
The way she talk
Makes me shock
Makes me rock
If I was a hawk
I’m going to rip the book
That holding her look
Or keep her away from jokes
I decide to visit TURK again.
To heal my increasing pain.
I’m going to kiss her chin.
My lover,
I will keep the faith for ever
This is our world’s rules
You can’t change this rules
This is our world
You have to obey your lord
Because he created this world

As I saw you by a chance
I will forget you by a glance
I don’t mean to tear you heart
Please forgive my fault
But this is the l life
Baby, if you find a lover in whatever place
Don’t miss your chance
Because it will pass like a glance
Don’t leave your chance
She is not like a heavy fans
You might not find her again
Don’t do this
Or your life will be the meaning of pain
So you must know the meaning of dismiss

Today, we will travel on to our country
We are leaving TURKEY
I’m really angry
I wish to sit with my lover
And to eat boundry
I’m going to visit it again
I’m really fain
To do this plan
Wait and you will see me in plane
Heading my feelings girl
Touching her lovely hair
Don’t understand wrong
This is just a song
She will be my wife in long

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Comments (2)

DUDE! What a BRILLIANT poem! That trip must have been ONE HELL of an inspiration to write THIS one! DEFINITELY going into my favourites! A well-written and inspired piece, keep up the great work here! (10/10) - Dona -
loved the trip Abdulrahman GR8 stuff