CT (May 25th,1995 / )

A Twist In My Story

A story, a fairytale; so gentle, peaceful
don't bother to wake me up, just let me enjoy this moment
let it continue
let me continue to lay here, cradling this emptiness in my arms
cause she's here...here in my dreams
the absence in my reality
She's here...I have to thank her
it's a necessity, I have to thank her for not lying to me
I have to thank her...she's my dream
the one who can make me laugh, make me smile
make me believe she's the reason the sun shines
Don't wake me up for me to realize her twin crystal spheres
were an illusion
for I'll just fall back asleep, waiting for my imagination
to turn this illusion real once again
She's my future, well I want to believe
don't stop me
In her future, it may not exist but I don't care
can there be a place for me, smile for me please
I don't mean to be a bother
I'm just amazed by her brilliant splendor
don't tell me it's all a facade my heart created
I don't want to believe I'm just strangling a pillow while I sleep
I'm far more happier while I sleep
I'm far more happier while I have her cradled in my arms
a twist in my miserable story
I had no faith I'd ever feel this
but with her, with her; I don't need air
she's a story, a fairytale to me
please don't wake me up
just let me be happy...

by Crow thepoet

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