A Unique Footstep We Leave Behind

Poem By Vishnu P. Joshi

Not a cloud in the sky, and
Not a breath in the wind is life,
Until the Sun pours its rays
On the tiny little cells of life.

Whether a bird, tree or an animal,
Each of us discovers
A unique space and time divided
Into Past, Present, and Future.

The Present is balanced
Between the Past and the Future,
Like a bow of an arrow,
In which the creation is born.

A loving arm
Holds the creation,
With its lips and its hungry mouth
Pressed on its mother's breast.

Each of us leaves behind
A unique footstep in space and time,
Like a castle in the sand,
Built by an innocent child.

Comments about A Unique Footstep We Leave Behind

Using Tagore, your 'words come out from the depth of Truth'. CP
Respected Savant, Poet, I am N.Karthikeyan Osho, read many of your poems from 'POET', and from the 'WORLD POETRY' both edited by the World Poet - Editor - IN- Chief ' Dr. Krishna Srivivas'. Your poems are very rare and brings glory to Poetry. The rare Poet take in birth to give rare mirth to 'tis world for it's solace and grace nature. Thanking you, God Bless you, Yours sincerly, N.Karthikeyan Osho

4,5 out of 5
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