(5-28-42 / Washington state USA)

A Unique Kiwi Farm

I'll bet you've never gone
To a Kiwi type of farm
It's really quite an experience
So unique with all its charm

There is so much that can be done
With that little piece of fruit
Not only can you eat it
You can scrub yourself to boot

Full of all the good stuff
That keeps your body fit
Made into a special soap
The perfect little gift

Such a versatile little fruit
Amazing from the outside in
When you stop to see this Kiwi farm
Why not bring along all your kin!

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Comments (2)

I would love to see this farm. I used demonstrate products and I learned how nutritious kiwi fruit is and unique as you say. Kiwi gold is a fairly new variety and was a 'hit' with the public. Thanks Marilyn for jogging memories with your expressive poem. 10 Karin Anderson
great just what i need but you need to put someore detils