FU (26th of august 1999 / Nigeria)

A Unique Lady

Am nothing but a lady
Dignified with the elegancy of my body
conformed with my womanly curves
that has got every right thinking man on his knees
Embodied with an outstanding character
that lures men to me
perfect with my imperfection
A rare gem. hard to find
Difficult to know
interesting to be with,
Am a unique Lady
Everything defines me
my lovely eyes, my charming smiles
my curvy body, my wholesome character
my beauty and my intelligence

Am just a lady
Gradually growing into a woman
its not the dress I wear
nor the hair I make
defines me as a classically unique Lady.
it is my inward character that defines me.
the gentleness of my pure soul
and the personality of my being
I am completely complete
am gifted, lovable and graceful
I've got that move that will make
every man propose to me
I've got all it takes to make
Every young lady wish
they could be me.
Am a unique lady.

Lady of Ladies
that is my tag, that is my identity
Not my majestic walks, but my deceit walk
Not my Artificial looks, but my Natural beauty
Not my expensive Dresses, but my Deceit wears
Not my guised character, but my True behaviour.
makes me unique as a Lady.
Ladyhood of Motherhood
A sudden step to prepare me for my days
as a mother.
I will enjoy myself while rocking the Ladyship
For its time to be more than a girl
Being a lady
And getting ready to be a mother.
with love.

by favour ugwumba

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