A Universal Attitude Change

Poem By Tom Maxwell

It's not the same,
The way it was created to be,
How long will it last,
Will there be future generations to see?

The most intelligent creatures,
Ever to walk on this land,
Can send rockets into space,
But can't keep world peace no answer or plan.

We were given life on this planet,
Which reproduces all of our survival needs,
To share love, peace, and happiness,
Not to place judgments, living A life of greed.

When it comes to war and weapons,
No limits on cost, or destructive ways,
Knowing on all sides of this earth,
So many are homeless, starving every day.

A road to self - destruction,
Many different ways at any time,
It's possible now to end it all on any day,
We need a universal attitude change in everyone's mind.

Tom Maxwell 09/04/06

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an outstanding piece of writing. Thanks for sharing this.

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