A Universal Love

Shoot down these stars you love so much
Just so you can see them up close, feel them like my love
Make my scars disappear like a magicians act
Throw my feelings at the women that I love

I’ll take you through the milky way
Please hold my hand, in this galaxy I’m nothing with out you
Take this bouquet of my love and cherish it forever
Please understand that my eternal love will last a life time

A new borne star will shine for years to come, your eyes make it twinkle
This star will illuminate our love for years to come, and forever on
When our skin starts to wrinkle, we can stare upon this star
We’ll fly away on this endeavour fuelled by our love

When the sun burns out, your angel eyes will bring light to the heavens
You’d cause the devil to burn up with his hatred, and give hope to all
I would fill the skies with reminders of my love just to make you smile
Climbing this rope into the sky, I know it will never run short

Years from now when they’re looking for past life, all they will find is your love
Light years away they will teach your passion, they will speak your words
You banish all of my fears, I know that I will love you forever
Its your compassion that makes me take that next breath

Take this galaxy, take these stars, take the sun, but you can’t take my love
Seventeen lifetimes from now, my love will last beyond all of those things
Seventeen life times from now, my heart will still ache for you
It just me and you, and this electric static bond

by Brett Roberts

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