A Vale Of Rune

Gentle fleck runs through the novel of the night
Desert yet burns desolate by the exile
Breath passes through the void
silence seems voiceless by the verse

by Dr subhendu kar Click to read full poem

Comments (6)

your poems are a joy to read for poetry lovers..............mute transmute
With this poem I can unveil each line to embrace natural and physical characters that are settings placed down for so many... keep writing them Subham, One Peace at a time
Another lovely poem, i enjoyed reading. you have chosen excellent words to express the quiteness of the muteness zone. thanks for sharing.
Earth quivers by the quake milling around the parole of relict redeems by the rain of muse impeccable language....and the imagery has made the words resound...liked reading it.
Nice write Dr.Kar! The Vale of Rune with its six magical charms can forsee! *10*! ! Great read! Friend Thad
I dwelt once in a vale of ruin by a stream that ran down to a sea of dark regret where leprechauns swam unmolested by mermaids