End Of The Road

Where the road ends
There another begins
And the place where one last breathes
There again is the first of breathes heard

A century lived
And my fifth generation seen
My path in this place ends
And here I wait lost in reflections

What did I do with my life I ask
From this none could ever flee
In no time before my saviour stand

by nicholas boateng

Comments (14)

Irritating voice...
Marriage between two minds, two individuals is a very important relationship upto the end of life most of the circumstances. Love is important thing for a marriage relation. Here the poet beautifully made a poem of the different aspects of life and even the death situation which it is made so beautiful and at the same time make sad emotions in the mind which is a positiveness of the poem. Making others feel through a poem as if it is a genuine life situation is not so bad. I very much liked the poem as a reader and also felt.
love is immortal.... ah john donne....grt poet of the world... king of metaphysical poems.....
Nice! The style is pretty well.
What Donne elevates in this poem is the marriage of true minds. A relationship based on sensual attraction is vulnerable to absence, but a relationship based on a love which is not dependent on the senses is stronger. What a pity that those who give such a poem low marks cannot be asked to justify themselves.
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