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A Valediction To Melancholy (Dear Galatea)
ST (Aug.11,1973 / Manitoulin Island, Ontario)

A Valediction To Melancholy (Dear Galatea)

On Isle of Cyprus dwelled, Aphrodite of The Main
She hath girt this isle with Her Love and Beauty
Bequeathed, by Her, for it`s comeliness, a refulgent pearl
For here, Her Temples were tended to, venerably, with adoration
Vigilant wast She, with The Loves and The Graces, in aegis
For they and The Maenads tended the long, beguiled sleep of Adonis..........

Aphrodite did love Adonis so, She thwarted incantations of Hades
Deft, Hunter youth Adonis, She loved dear, to his demise
Tusk of a wild boar, surely slayed Her inamorata...................Ergo, each year after, for six months, he would live as Underworld Shade
And the remaining six months, wouldst breathe Upper Air
Adonis was The Horned One of Cyprus, who loved his Muse................

This story is testament to Aphrodites love and magick which emanates from Her sacred isle..............

On this fine Isle, was a stripling fair
Pygmalion, the name of he
A sculptor, who, famed for his care
Of white marble friends, his glee

A pledge he made, to ne`er wed
Mortal woman of, flesh and blood
His Heart of Stone, caused he to tread
On Maiden Hearts, for he, they loved

Besprent with blight, and darkened soul
With his chisel, he hath wrought
An ivory statue, a Dreaming Mold
So lovely, whence his thoughts

For in his mind, only, a Marble Maiden
Couldst contain, fair attributes
Folly dreams, to him, were laden
Real Maids, as being moot

When the Marble Maiden wast complete
He uttered wish, unto Her gaze
In love he fell, his heart replete
His soul no longer bane

'Galatea, I shall name this maid
My truest love to be
She not vacuous, beseech I, the aid
Of Aphrodite`s Love', quoth he

With his intent, Pygmalion went thither
To Festival of Sweet Aphrodite
Oblations of Love, he hath made hither
For aegis from The Sea Muse mighty

The Sea Muse, Aphrodite, thus hearkened
His plight, hence, to grant his wish
On Pygmalion`s return, to his manse, undarkened
His Galatea, had breath and bliss

His Love he takes, into his arms
By life, he now, enchanted
His Heart of Stone, abated, by charm
With Galatea`s Love, he hath recanted

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