Encourage Self And Others

Recording everything seen and heard in life, living
through it as I write from photographic screens

Prolific and enthusiastic about life being written
down in prose, always taking time to encourage self
and others to remember what they've gone through.

Telling their stories, allowing them to be freed from
their inner turmoil and fears, keeping good and happy
times close to their hearts.

by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

Comments (7)

A good discussion about friendship- -I agree with him that friendship doesn't need daily nourishment. A well-established friendship has our back and we can share our good times and victories as well as our sorrows and defeat. But friendship needs both the nourishment of laughter as well as tears.
A great poem on valentine and likes.
parted friends meeting and parting away
And if the verse flow free and fast Till even the poet is aghast A touching Valentine at last. The poem flows smoothly like a river in plains. Thanks for sharing.
Free flow of emotions in your poem, Nicely written,
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