Prometheus Bound

Spasm! Again
what manias
beat my brain
hot i'm hot
where's the fire?
here's horsefly
His Arrowhead
not fire forged
but sticks: heart
stuck with fear
kicks at my ribs
eye balls whirl
spirally wheeled
by madness, madness
stormblasted I'm
blown off course
my tongue my tiller
it's unhinged, flappy
words words thrash
dashed O! at doom
mud churning up
breaking in waves

by Aeschylus

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..............excellent write...and perfect for the season ★
Stevenson appears to be a man who prefers a lusty life of drinking, adventure, and laughter- - with some pirates thrown in for excitement- - and he has chosen the perfect phrase for his predilection- - - - - - - -Keep open, at the annual feast, The puppet-booth of fun.
Love in February! Everyone is talking about love in February! February is the month of St. Valentine's Day, Which is celebrated in memory of that saint, Who sacrificed his life for the union of lovers! Every religion preaches about love for best life! Love is selfless act of empathy for others feeling Not an easy job to practise in real life in the world! So, lovers are warned against pitfalls in real life. When this is so, who can practise love in the world? One who is strong, brave, capable of standing on One's own leg only can practise love to support the Beloved through thick and thin in life till the end...! Other romantic loiterers can only send gifts, greetings And spend happy time in celebrating St. Valentine Day!
Whoever gave this effortlessly brilliant poem a six, deserves heavy starch. It is almost too convincing in its call to abandon. But the rhyming is astonishingly casual and fresh. Roll over, Stevenson, the novelist. And 'the puppet-booth of fun' is a bully refrain, indeed. Many might not catch the sub-text, here, I fear.
The flow of this beautifully crafted story poem is superb.
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