A Valentines Rose For You

A valentines rose for you
Day to the night and night
Let my love come here through
Carry on its heart in light

Dreams are going to be true
If love is a love like a song
Now such love's up to you
For a heart to search and long

Life is never as it should be
It's always more or it's less
Into the future you can't see
Only with your heart and caress

Our dreams are never to be
If nothing of love's set right
Times will come and you'll see
That love is just one burning light

Everything comes as it goes
Playfully on and again on
The truth of your heart glows
Till the burn of its love's gone

Remember a heart that's waiting
And never could let you go
There's no time for debating
You only need to know
- What to know

by Peter S. Quinn

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