GJS (Sept.22,1946 / Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario)

The Legend Of The Play Boy

Don't think it's too late to talk this over,
i thought it's through and i consider it past.
If you're playing a game, the game is over,
and even in Utopia, you and i will never last.
So, you'd better leave for you'll never be,
welcomed in my new world, so, wander off.
It's been a life time and you won't fool me,
you're just too proud to lose, you're not in love.
And i know you well to lose you this time,
and i will lose you every time i feel that i will win you.
All your lies and all my tears, i've left behind,
and still i'm not healed and i'm still hurt to be true.
So, what else would you want from my heart?
i have nothing to give you, not you, not any more.
It's bitter but much better when we're apart,
just let it go, you really shouldn't open that door.
See that guy over there, or that one passing us by,
why are you better than any of them, tell me that?
I can't lose all my chances, yes, it's goodbye,
when i look at you, i linger, yes, it was that bad.
Saying goodbye this time sounds divine,
and i'm so glad, it brings so much joy.
I won't settle for you to be mine,
i am the one who defeated the legend of the play boy...

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