A Vampire's Love

Poem By Kailee Williams

Living alone in darkness;
My lust for life grows less and less.
Eternity is my only master.
The sweet taste of your blood makes my heart race faster.
Immortal to human death, yet I'm not alive.
I kill innocent mortals so that I may survive.
Trusting no one, feeling no physical pain,
Living with nothing to lose and even less to gain.
Yet I cannot ignore this pain in my heart,
Which has been forever pierced by a single dart,
Has always been there and refuses to end;
It is the love I feel for you, my best friend.
This pain alone would be enough to kill me,
Were I not already dead, so instead it cripples me.
I am tortured by the mere thought of you,
But even more by the thought of being without you.

Comments about A Vampire's Love

I do not know why... but, this one did scare me a little bit. I enjoyed this display of your talent..... Good read.

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