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A Vampire's Song
VKN Vimal Kumar N (september 24 1985 / Chennai)

A Vampire's Song

Broken mirror pieces all around like your broken oaths,
i feel warmth in my wet blood soaked clothes,
locked up in my room of conscience,
hoping to develop my resilience,
the ray of sunlight passing through my window annoys me,
darkness becomes the air i breathe,
i reside with my loneliness so I'm not lonely,
my nerves have become numb,
they resist deep cuts,
my heart like a feather once,
now feels like a pile of broken stones,
I'm a living corpse nameless,
i feel shame for the shameless,
memories i gather and put it together like puzzles.
million arrows pass through my heart every moment that passes!
Tears have dried so my eyes bleed,
roses all consumed by a bunch of weed,
i fall each day and rise every night,
i am the dark knight!

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Comments (4)

Very visual piece... I love the gothic image you've artfully painted.
Wow excellent piece. I liked the imagery you created. It is truly an amazing piece.
i have some stuff on similar themes.. read mine..you say you are lonely...nice write by the ways..
A good write and very well written. You have the potential to excel.