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A Vanishing Face

A Vanishing Face

If truth were a sparrow and I learned to fly
I would never again walk to catch a lie
If moments were forever and days could be years
love was a rainbow and happiness fear
I would drown in a moment of fear every day
color my love with your smile and say
I love you today and yesterday too
only tomorrow will know what to do
I’ll hate you never, love’s kindling feeds the flame
I’ll always hear whispers of your sweet name

My clothes may be ragged, these shoes may be worn
My shirt may need washed, these underwear torn
Only the sparrow knows of the seed
dropped down from heaven, our love to feed
Clothes do not matter, the heart tells the tale
Success is not beautiful to those who fail
My love and your love, two hearts as one
Summertime breezes, summertime sun
Remembering touching, the softness was real
No words to express how it made me feel

Blue eyes turned hazy, a vanishing face
I reach out in vain to be back in that place
I don t really blame you, these bars I can t climb
And I’ll never forget the last time
No, I’ll never forget the last time

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