A Very Good Person

An ageing man that I know quite well his name I'd prefer not to say
Since he is a sensitive person and quite helpful in every way
He fears for the future of humanity and sad stories move him to tears
One could say his feelings are quite fragile for one of six decades of years,
To the corporal works of mercy he is one who is ever true
And he is one who is shy of honour though credit in heaps he is due
He helps out poor people on pensions without ever asking for pay
A good and a kindhearted person one who does a good deed every day,
He mows their grass for poor old ladies he helps out the old bloke next door
And he himself getting on in years last birthday he was sixty four
A humble man shy and quiet spoken of silver hair well built and tall
For his work for the aged he does not wish to be honoured since that would not please him at all,
A good person one in a million he is worthy of far greater fame
And he does not seek any personal glory and him he would not wish me to name.

by Francis Duggan

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