A Very Good Woman

Her husband left her to raise their children not a task any woman would enjoy
Two girls of seven and eight and a six year old boy
Whilst her ex husband lives with and makes love to another woman in a bigger town miles away
She has to work to make ends meet for food to buy and bills to pay

But she is a positive person of hope one who does not despair
Not one to resort to complaining she never says life is unfair
Her ex husband not paying her alimony she raises her children on her own
But she gets on with the job of living and bitter towards him has not grown

Without any reason he left her to him she was a faithful wife
But she has her three children to take care of and sees them as a blessing in her life
Tall and slender and physically attractive she need not be without a man
But apart from the love of her children for other loves she has no plan

In her thirty fourth year of life a good mother as well as a good person for her never an easy day
For to pay the bills and keep the household she works hard for her every pay
A woman who lives in the present by life she never feels hard done by
Why life for some good people is an uphill battle one only has to wonder why.

by Francis Duggan

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