A Very Local Person

The ways of the bigger World out there he doesn't even try to understand
His life revolves around work and family, his friends and the local Town Peoples band
In football he takes a slight interest but to watch a game he will not go out of his way
A fellow of limited interests of him it would be fair to say

He is not the type one could imagine to stare at art on a gallery wall
And literature in it's many forms it does not interest him at all
One might say a very local person and well known and well liked in the Town
But he and most like minded people remain as strangers to renown.

He lives in a closely knit Community where outsiders they tend to exclude
From feeling part of their local environment 'tis their way they don't wish to seem rude
Of keeping their circle of friends Local outsiders as outsiders remain
Parochialism is born of exclusion something that's beyond me to explain.

Surely a very Local person his type are not that hard to find
But having said that one supposes that to make Humanity it takes every kind
We live in our own social circles and with the like minded we associate
And with those we don't share much with in common friendships we do not cultivate.

by Francis Duggan

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