Under the cresent moon her palace lies,
Her heart made of gold, her face made of beauty
A silk of mystery tied around her slim waist, and a long dress reaches her feet.

The maiden stands there, the moon shining through her window
The darkness hides her trueness, leaving you breathless
Her eyes dart about, watching each and every movement.

Suddenly, she runs, her movements swift and silent
She runs through the halls, through the doors, through the rooms, until she reaches that final door
She opens it wide, unto the large grassy plains
She breaths in the air once more, looks back to you, and smiles

In that look you see her need to be free, her soaring spirit, and her gentle love for the earth
In that look, you see her real beauty, farther in than any look
You see her heart, her hopes, her dreams, and herself
Flying through the sky, leaving it all behind, going to a place where she can be free from hate, from all that is evil.

You come out of the entrancing state to find her gone.
She has disappeared into the night
In the distance you can make out a horse, a girl as it's rider
She looks back, staring right into your eyes
Once more, you see it all again, disappearing into the gypsies world of freedom

by Jessica Millsaps

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A little bit confusing at the end...but, I may get confused easy :) Very intense poem. I hope it's fiction. Sincerely, mary