A Very Loyal Daddy

Poem By Alamalexia Zhaan

My Daddy was a good boy when he was young,
When he got older he married and his wife bore him a son,
This boy was a little devil,
But he blamed it on having fun,
The boy grew up to be a handsome pile of scum!

While this boy was at secondary he decided life was crap,
He fell in Love with a girl and she gave him a slap.
He though about her everyday and wanted her in bed,
But she had had enough and gave him another hurting head!

He got a wee bit older and ended up in jail,
When his mate told him he saw the girl,
He had to try for bail,
He got out on probation and saw the girl dressed in black,
He went up to the girl and knocked her out in one hard smack!

She woke in the morning with a hurting head,
She did not know where she was nor why she was chained to the bed,
My Daddy's son was naked,
And the girl found she was the same,
She screamed and screamed but no one came to save her from this pain!

He violated her painfully and she never woke again,
My daddy's son ran and ran,
But found himself in pain,
Her brother found her body and took the law into his own hands,
How could my good Daddy have a son who did get hanged?

He never had a funeral,
The girls brother destroyed the body,
While my Daddy's son was dying,
He was screaming very loudly 'SORRY! ',
But it wasnt the girls brother that killed him,
It was my very loyal Daddy!

Comments about A Very Loyal Daddy

A little bit confusing at the end...but, I may get confused easy :) Very intense poem. I hope it's fiction. Sincerely, mary

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