A Very Sad Thing For To Say

I did not cause the human population to grow
As I do not have any biological children of which I do know
But for environmental pollution I too am to blame
What we do to our Earth Mother is to all of our shame.

Climate change is for real but it doesn't cease to amaze
That we live on as usual we do not change our ways
We still drive big cars and we still burn coal
And carbon emissions seem out of control.

The environmental damage around us is not hard to see
And the finger of blame is also pointing at me
Of the black cloud of smog on the city skyline
I cannot say of that the problem is not mine.

Since carbon emissions I too help to create
And with the onset of climate change have we left it too
To save our own kind from extinction since we are heading that way
And that does seem a very sad thing for to say.

by Francis Duggan

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