someone save me,
someone save me from myself,
someone hurt me and i couldint defend myself,
someone love me,
a little tenderness is what i need,
someone care for me quickly before i bleed,
happiness is over rated,
pain makes the world go round,
hit me let me feel the pain again,
show me im alive and that i care,
scream at me at the top of your lungs,
scare me, cut me, let me see the blood on my face
let my heartbeat faster and faster,
let my heart stop.

by mandy supergirl

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Lovely descriptive piece of poetry, well articulated and nicely brought forth in persuasive expressions with artistic brilliance. Thanks for sharing Dorsey.
A nice poem. Found nothing wrong in it. Some comments are truly disgusting and outrageous!
COMMENT CONTD PH RESTRICTIONS OF WORDS 300...There's is a vast choice for humans appreciate else remain silent You may move on to better pastures...where you graze alone but silently Poetry is not today every man's cup of tea, many love coffee..
O commentators....All poets write out of personal experience one's own minds exultation... never decry an artist what so ever... it's not necessary to one asked you to and if your own mind is shallow and vision blurred twill be better you moved on to another world... why meddle with a poetic herd and try just to offend the poet he or she has not composed it for you there are 7.5 billion can any poet including you make all stand up for you.
posing like a model taking a photo shoot! *** Who knows what a degrading, vulgar life you lead; how horrible the surroundings must have been when you posed to have this picture taken; what a cheap soul you must have.. -
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