(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

A Viable Plan

I wouldn't use that expression around here.
In fact...
Forget about using it at all.
The chances you'll find an application for it,
Are slim to none!
On the other hand...
Those genuinely ingenuous,
Can be found all over the place in abundance.
'That' is what needs to be marketed.
Here is my business card!
Call me when and if you devise a plan,
To implement!
I'll be your salesperson...
We can make a fortune,
And chase pretentiousness out of this place!
With the best customer service available!
Saving a bundle on the training alone.
Making the effort lucrative,
As well as cost effective!
I tell you...
That's all it will take!
A viable plan.

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Perhaps in an ideal setting. You'd think this would be it. Good to see you, Lawrence. best care, sjg