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Hai! Two Fleas Jammed At The Junction: A Tongue Tie
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Hai! Two Fleas Jammed At The Junction: A Tongue Tie

Poem By Harindhar Reddy

I hate it when we fight
Because you are forever right
Always just your way
I have no say
All the accusations
No justifications
Your arguments so strong
I am just wrong

No matter my pain
Explaining in vain
Revenge brings you satisfaction
I remain in desperation
Remorse for what was not my cause
You are the boss
Every single dropp of tear
I cannot see clear

You keeping your distance
Forgetting my existance
A shadow in your life
How will i survive
I'm dying inside
You sticking to your pride
When i long for the make up
After yet another break up

I suffer alone
Your heart a stone
Why don't you leave
And let me grieve
For today and tomorrow
I may overcome the sorrow
Of loosing you
Is it not true

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Comments (2)

Love it, Love it for sure! You got a 10 from me on this poem. Always, Linda
It is true. your poem describes my friend and her boyfriend. that's what i was talking about in 'GET OUT OF MY HOUSE'. love it 10/10 liz