A Victim Of Democracy

Thirteen, she dreamt of love among her chores; ‎
Indifferent to politics, she had
Seen them excited on election day; ‎
It would be years before she could marry
Or vote. She had no concept of the state‎
And civilisation; then the boys came
From the ruling party and taught her all
These things in one humiliating night. ‎
Technology abetted lessons; her
Pictures spread through the village like a fire.‎
The Id unleashed through democratic rule, ‎
She saw the face of evil, and His love; ‎
When nation’s best minds turn away from Him, ‎
What can a young girl do? They found her hanging, too. ‎

by Iftekhar Sayeed

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It is very sad and unfortunate that such events occur throughout the world in the name of one ideology or another.