DLK (Dec.1948 / Lake Forest, Illinois)

A View Of Sunset

A sunset lasts forever, but only in the mind,
Its' colors are of many hues, and vary to sublime,
Light will fade and take away, all the colors worth,
When the skies escaping brilliance, falls away to earth.

The shadow of a tree is seen, reaching down the hill,
It stretches up the other side, getting taller still,
The sun now low and sinking slow, refracts and then discolors,
Clouds turn yellow, red and blue, and tinctures of these colors.

The sky is turning grayer, it's light no longer yawns,
It seems so dark and quiet now, the sun has all but gone,
The darkness slowly envelopes, the graying sky above,
If not for stars or moon at night, all light we'd be void of.

As dusk draws nigh it looks around, for things left on the ground,
For they are lost until the dawn, and just can not be found,
The quiet now enhances dark, the night has smitten light,
Until the dawn and light returns, things just won't seem right.

Then comes the dawn and light returns, we now see what was lost,
And we will see another day, but dawn will be the cost,
Yet only dawn will bring new light, that is natures precept,
While sunrise starts another day, awaiting the new sunset.

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