(2nd July,1986 / Bahraich, India)

A Virtual Visit To Egypt

The land of Moses and Aron,
Country of Joseph, the prettiest one,
Kingdom of Namrod and Phiraon,
Where Abraham with truth won.

The Nile still flows and reminds,
The fall of darkness and injustice,
And Umar's letter inside it finds,
Truth be in speech and in practice.

Mystrious pyramids had to witness,
Many changes but still stand,
The evil one may achieve greatness,
But has to mix shortly in the sand.

Tunisia has shown public's prime,
And taken robbers out from there,
Now Egypt awakes, its her time,
Drowning Mubarak in his sin here.

A flood of people stand against him,
May their efforts bring fruits soon!
Shouting they on the road in their whim,
May they feel cool after this noon!

Would that a Salahuddin be them,
This revolt may not go in vain,
surroundings be filled with Islamic anthem,
And Baitul Muqaddas be free again.

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Comments (4)

I don't know what I say.. Long life Egypt.. ((I'm a Egyptian u know! ! :)))
I know history of Egipt and your poem in beautiful way exposes it, about politic no comment because it is not my country and I haven't right to discuss that.Tfs your thoughts
You did a good job using structure in this poem. It has some rhymes, which is interesting. Just so you know, it took a while to leave this comment because I kept having to log in. I've learned about Egypt in school before.
Fascinating! Thank you for this virtual, verbal tour through Egypt historically with a vision of her marvels and their vanity. Your conclusion is doubtless well-intentioned....but a dangerous one to verbalize so openly, it seems to me. We all wish her prosperity and only in truth, but I think the present situation is not the solution. Only in God and His Word will she find freedom and salvation, to which you seem to allude, and there we agree and disagree. Excellent tribute to Egypt and the current drama!