DO (27-7-1994 / Nairobi)

A Vision In My Eyes

The vision in my eyes
Blurred and dim
And still, with pregnant enigma
bright and real.
The vision in my eyes
Stack in my mind
Tight and firm
And still, with a glimmer of hope
It hovers.

A vision to free the world
Not from impunity
Deeply rooted, in our countries' heads
From the isolated State of Madagascar
To the ever busy lands of the West.
Not from the horror of our guns
Firing metals, piercing, with anger and rage
Through my neighbour's flesh.
Not from the scorching sun
With red mutilating rays
Slaying our lands
From the large refugee camp in Kenya
To the populated villages in India.

A vision to free humanity
From a mind it owns: full of hate
And hopelessness alike
Not with food and lawsuits
Nor peace-talks and sweets
Not with silver bullets
Nor golden arrows
But, with words
A poet's words
simple words
Filled with love and hope.

by David odhiambo

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