A Vision Is Seen

I step from the cabin, you're standing there,
Your smile it warms, like a soft summer air,
We walk thru the forest, our minds adrift,
We look in amazement, to all of Gods gifts.

We talk of times, and places we've seen,
Imagine possibilities, of what might have been,
You see the present, I see the past,
We both see a future, and pray it will last.

A distant light's dawning, a vision is seen,
We travel and learn, and find things serene,
We now see our lives, and travel as one,
To a beginning, that greets the new sun.

Enlightenment unabated, and treasures abound,
Searching for answers, and advise that's sound,
You do your healing, and I the repairs,
To both our lives seem, to be without cares.

Life will be grand, of this there's no doubt,
If only you let, your inner self out,
Try to hold on, to that vestige of me,
For this will all happen, and time is the key.

by Daniel Lloyd Kennedy

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