Take Two Dollars

Over a year make it more,
but how much more can you make it;
ten, twenty, fifty, or thirty,
tell me, tell me, make me filthy
rich; make me rich?
Can you not spend that two dollars for more
than one year;
seven, eight, nine, twenty, or ten;
how much, how much would it
be worth then?
Can two dollars be more than just two dollars,
Spend a twenty every:
second, minute, hour;
feel it, feel it,
feel that power?
Take two dollars, take two dollars
see how many followers,
fans, tributes, and buildings
you can buy if you
wait and sings.
Take two dollars, my two dollars
write the life I want to live;
today, today, yesterday, tomorrow;
let me no longer
drown in sorrow.
All it took was just two dollars.

by Noah Ohler

Comments (21)

...an extremely beautiful ending ★
One of my poets! This is great write from him. Enjoyed it! !
wonderful and beautiful the best of vision from the great poet.
A poem about the poet's Vision of the 3 great tragedians of Greece...
vampire for how long you will act? ! think in the old house just once... terrific right i can hear too.
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