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A Visit To The Museum

On a sultry evening we took our son to the museum
To show him the wild animals that so far we have been showing him through the kid-land charts and posters and animal planet
There were three four varieties of macaque monkeys, peacocks and fowls, buffaloes, one lion, two tigers, some pale pelicans and strokes, a large number of amber colored deer, and three elephants, few buffaloes and bears, some other pale birds and snakes and other fowls
Each cage has got a description and a sign board
Himalayan bear
Bear enclosure inaugurated by Mr. /Mrs.(name of a minister)
Then the species description
So many such pits and pens were there, instated and commissioned by ministers and delegates
It is the time when ministers are minters.
We shut these innocent savages,
These creepy –crawly reptiles in the cages,
And label them wild animals,
They will roar, shout, bellow and eat raw flesh
disparity between the bipolarities,
black and white, animal and human
Black is a shade of brown and so is white –Updike said so
Animal is there in man, isn’t it?
Then, why we keep them in pit and pen?
To call them wild beasts.
Then who are we?
Don’t we shout, clamour, hoot and hiss.

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