(2nd July,1986 / Bahraich, India)

A Visit To The Taj

The cycle of time never stops,
That has never forgiven anyone,
Moves fast, slow and sometimes hops,
None can claim from it to be won,
The kings or beggar it behaves the same,
Justice, its essence and time its name.

O, the king lying with the queen,
Thou's given a figure to the love,
The lovers and beloveds are keen,
To visit the Taj as pilgrim of love.
Thousands of the people visit at a time,
To pay tribute a to building of ever prime,

Ah! The mosque is empty but I hear,
Silent prayer calls in surrounding of thine,
People are surrounding thee far and near,
They look happy but sad is the heart of mine,
O Yamuna! Beside thee one is seeing another age,
But time is the obstacle to show its visage.

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Comments (7)

Excellent contrast between time and beauty! Wonderful imagery. thanks for sharing this nice poem :) I give full 10 marks for this beautiful poem.
an excellent poem, which show every word and every emotion like if we were inside it ((like living what you are saying)) it's alive! .. it's simply great ^_^..
excellently composed and well written poem. nice choice of words.
You have proved the importance of love. The poem is a blend of physical as well as spiritual love. Nice write indeed.
Love will change someone and someone will change for love. Everybody will behave in almost same manner when love become an issue. Love know nothing about worldly priority but for love many wonders and ultimate grief can be felt. The monument of love made by affection and i have to agree with poet's conclusion. Time have to try very hard and with no ending to defeat the monument of LOVE. Well done.
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