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Poem By Caitlin Moreby

I made a left
and pulled into the huge
Staten Island Mall parking lot
my sister and Nancy hopped out
racing into Victoria’s Secret
store packed
noticed a small carpeted section
motioned to my sister
sat down
watching women
examine racks and racks
of skimpy panties, silk slips, push-up bras
et cetera, et cetera
also four Transvestites
well, we all want happiness
I said to myself
no harm in a few accouterments
to help
in such a valiant effort.
Suddenly my sister appeared
holding a white silk bra
connected with several strips of more white silk
to a pair of white silk panties.
Nancy’s husband fooled around
here today to lure him back
gave my sister ideas, fears
her dear husband Howard might do the same
so in this place to make sure he stayed home.
“Very provocative, ” I declared.
“Howard just
loved Ellen Barkin wearing this in The Big Easy.”
“He loves you
only lusts after her.”
“Want him to lust after me.”
“Love is better than lust.”

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Comments (4)

How rare to find the extraordinary in the ordinary - the things we say to the people we know without even taking notice of how far our words have taken us.
While it's true that love is better than lust, I think it's better to have both. I like that you were able to instill a hidden meaning in it so well. I especially liked the beginning. Nice poem.
Excellent, Charles - one of my favorites from you! Again, excellent poem. Warmest regards and a hug, CJ
Hi charles that a new beggining a new style of poetry. a nice ploy.keep it up. a nice blend of a story and poem in end Just try a sexy plunge thru my new poem: A Seductive Plunge In Her Slight Elegance........