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A Visitation
(February 5,1951 / Little Rock, Arkansas United States of America)

A Visitation

song itself came to the back stairs of the castle
in a drenching rain
like the princess in old fairy stories, refrains

of the tunes we softly used to dream
bringing blossoms to a neglected altar-
driven out

seeking refuge
tears indistinguishable from rain
and her cloth of gold is frayed

her silken shoes worn.
petal thin she hardly stands
like a wish pebble thrown, alone

half drowned in an ancient fountain.
but her eyes shine candlelit within
like a thousand thousand candelabra

or the night skies branching plum tinged
over a wordless Spring.

mary angela douglas 1 march 2017

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Comments (12)

How could have I missed reading this beautiful, artistic poem on poem of the day page. March 1 2017... definitely because of travel.
I like the play of associations here. The visitant bears marks of wear and tear, but also former glory: CLOTH OF GOLD IS FRAYED and SILKEN SHOES WORN. Yet dream-refrains bring flowers to a neglected altar (perhaps where your mother once played piano) . Wonderful to describe her as a WISHING STONE. That makes me think of ripples. Perhaps light from the candelabra within her eyes is dancing on those ripples. Patterns of dancing light on dark water mirror the stars in PLUM-TINGED SKIES.
A fabulous poem! Many congratulations for this dazzling piece of poetry being selected as POD!
Beautifully impressed upon the mind! Mary Angela, Congratulations On Poem Of The Day!
Seeking refuge! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
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