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A Vist To Edgar's Grave

Hello my friend
Long ago
Buried under the ground
So cold
Hope that you are not
Feeling too lonely
I know
It has been
Many a year
Since last I came for a vist
I am sorry for that
So sorry
Wish that this was not our last

As we sit here
You and I
My old friend
Upon a midnight dreary
I ponder
Weak and weary
About how
I should go on
How I should tell
Of thesad news I bring
To bear
With such sorrow and a heavy heart
Breaking with missing you

I can hesitate no longer
My beloved
I pray
That I shall not break your heart
So very soon
I fear that I shall
Come to dance with
The souls of your fellow dead
In that haunted palace
Way below the clouds where
Angels fear to thread

This soul reborn
So many times
Now flys with the raven
Speaking a strange tongue
In my dreams
I see
The masque of the red death
Slipping down and over
Over my face so still
Painting a picture of death
The raven comes to my window
To whisper soft and deadly

Your beloved Poe
You shall part from now
Sweet tragic Annabelee
Say goodby
For your lover you shall sing to


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Another great poem. Edgar Allen Poe is and forever will be one of the greatest poets of his time. This is one of the best poems I have ever read.
Such a lovely, tribute. Beloved 'Uncle' Edgar. May he speak evermore from his immortal 'nevermore'. 10! A pleasure to read. thank you so for sharing with us.
Not sure that I love it but I do like it because of the writings of his you put into the poem. Funny I am reading is whole collections of books right now for a class. But what I wanted to really tell you is forget what Fil said on your poem Keep them out the immagration song. Maybe for some encouargement you should read the poem thing I wrote about him and what he does to people on here I think that you will like it. Well keep on writing and posting Ramona good luck Marilyn