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A Voice Crying In The Wilderness
IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

A Voice Crying In The Wilderness

Revealed to me exclusively.
Its natures plan to erase man.
No one accepts this prophecy.
They don’t believe that nature can.
Tight close their eyes so they can’t see
the facts parade before their eyes.
Although they will eventually
when they are facing their demise.
We’re living in the latter days.
We have been warned which we ignored
perhaps too late to mend our ways.
So we will reap our just reward.
become extinct like dinosaurs
for disobeying Natures Laws.


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Comments (7)

Dear friend, you wrote it perfectly. Yes, I'm completely agree with you. I often think we're dangerous viruses on this wonderful planet.
I enjoy these types of poems that tell you, 'Give your head a Shake.' Awell decerve 10++
bravo.........timely write sir.............well penned
Sadly this piece is of dramatic truth. People do need to change their attitude towards nature. Every person alive should read this poem of yours and if half take a stand that would be a start. Well done on this one.
So many have eyes but do not see Ivor, but your reminder regarding being 'in the latter days' is a very timely one. Pray we all take more heed. A strong piece.
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