EM (13/06/1990 / )

A Voice Of The Loving Dead

Please don’t forget to speak of me
I wish I was here and not with the
I am still worthy of your sweet voice
I had to go, I had no choice

This does not mean it is the end
I’m in your heart, forever your friend
Please let me be apart of your thought
The love you gave, the joy you brought

I’ll remember you, please think of me
I’m not gone, but with you I can’t be
Your words can tell tales about I
I’m in your heart, I didn’t die

You are my soul, your voice is mine
Please talk of me from time to time
I know I’ve left and I am gone
But that doesn’t mean I can’t live on

Spread my memory and tell them so
I was once here, please let them know
Whilst reading this, I ask, keep me alive
Let me live, grow and my spirit survive

I will conclude with; I love you
My feelings I felt were deep and true
And by your side I’ll always be
I’m forever with you and your forever with me.

by Emily Moore

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