Realistic Visions

Silently sitting in a crypt of future demise,
feeling around in the dark for lightened images,
dancing naturally in rhythm of life.
Sounding phrases of beautiful imaginative verses
in Italian voices, sensuous, loving, rhythmical.
Associated closely with every day tasks, finally
stirring in patterns of yesterday's precious
pictures of family and friends, taken
photographically in a mind of realistic visions.

by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

Comments (4)

This so sounds like Walsall on a monday morning. Great descriptive quality and mood setting. Love, Andrew xx
Again, a beautifully well-constructed piece. Dark and mysterious, a bit removed from your usual poetry but most readable, Ernestine, and a wonderful read. Fran xxx
Very good Ernestine I loved the spooky feel you gave it. Kind regards Ann
What a deliciously eerie poem...and I can feel (or do I mean hear?) those echoing a chill creeps up my spine...and I face the alone...