A Vote For '49 O'

[I thank Mr. Gnani who had given an excellent write up
of this 49 O in his column in kumudam[a tamil weekly]]

The elections have started with a bang
the results is sure to be a 'hang'
along with.... many others would 'hang'
The economy...the market....progress...a few of the sure to hang

Why am i so negative?

The start of it all gives me a pang in my heart
a whopping 10c is the rate of a seat
an innocent voter would ask
was there any tender published in any paper
NO..I DON'T KNOW...that would be an answer and a statement

A candidate investing 10c on a seat...
where will he recover it from
he thinks corruption is legitimate
once he has paid for his seat
that seals the cover
from such a plaque 'good governance'
would never recover
no not for them...
the whole lot of them

There is really no difference..
whoever comes
the system is bad
even the good would turn bad
that's why

Instead of boycotting
instead of sitting at home
i go to the booth
verify my name in the list
get marked for casting my vote...and
prefer not to vote
as per the '49 O' rule
and...that's legal

by Samanyan Lakshminarayanan

Comments (22)

Really a stunning work on elections. I have no words to utter. Rule 49o, let every one evoke. But here in A.P. one party (Lok Satta) established by an IAS officer(Dr.Jayaprakash Narayana) is vigourously propegating not to accept alcohol and money from contestants and vote. But his party may hardly get one seat in the elections. Once Moraji Desai commented that 'Jaise janta vaise sarkaar' People want a corrupt Govt. How can a Samanyan or a Sathyanarayanan can can help? ? ?
a timely write up. by 49 O will there be any effects? shan
The same comment for the other poem applies. One point- if the entire world cries that the world has gone bad and mad, where is the solution for any recovery? What we all need is a prayer for a better tomorrow. The world will be like this with ups and downs but let us not curse it to go to depths out of our distress. This can only induce more negativism. We all can pray from our heart of hearts. It will definitely have a say. Remember, it is our 'Samkalpas' which actually shape this world and our destiny. Let our 'Samkalpas' be pure and light. Otherwise, our next generation will be growing without receiving any good thought from us. That is still dangerous. Let us not damage our future.
Good knowledge from samanyan...............you can vote 49 0............good write, , , , , , , , , , ,
I don't think i understood this poem
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