(June,1943 / Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada)

A Walk

The ocean shore
Convoluted sands,
Weakened rocks.

A huge
And weathered stone
I quietly observed
As new spawned waves
Were born
And then
Matured and died.

I stood
As they
Amassed, rose,
Curved and broke
In thunderous tortured roar!

I watched
As helpless grains of sand
Rushed aimless
To and fro -
The parallels
To life itself -
Then grew afraid!

© M. Barrett – all rights reserved

by Mike Barrett

Comments (2)

Hi Valsa, Thanks for your input - it's for sure you captured the exactness of the truth intended to be conveyed through these words. You'll note I revisited this same poem many years later and made a single change, solely in the ending. The difference can be explained as the insight gained through a lifetime.....in essence everything is always unfolding exactly as it should and there is comfort gained when one integrates this insight into one's beingness. Cheers!
On one side the billows battering on the rocks and getting pulverized into droplets and misty vapour.... a symbol of strength! On the other side the grains of sand driven of their base by the tides.... a sign of helplessness! Between these opposites, life is a balancing game, I feel! Really enjoyed this beautiful poem!