NK (1981 / Nakuru, Kenya)

A Walk Around The Country

I took a walk around the country
I saw many things;
kids full of songs, life, energy
youths drained of energy
aging so fast, yet so young
elders full of energy
wanting to hold to power forever
but what I will never forget
is a eleven-year old bride
betrothed to a sixty-year old man
I saw her face, her anxious face
I heard her mothers murmured advice
that she should not question her husband
she should not talk back
she should not look directly at his eyes
she should bear his beatings like a woman
that she was now a woman, no longer a child
that brutal thrashings were part of his love
that her body was his not hers
I wondered
why should they kill her so young
what had she done to deserve death so early
I saw the gleam on the old man’s face
it was like a footballer after scoring a goal
hope I can be able to talk another walk
around the country
I will definitely visit her
to see how she has fared on
after these five years

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