NK (Sept 8,1987 / Georgia, former Soviet Union)

A Walk From School

As I trail back on the paved blackness
Listening to songs that we have sealed united
A dreamer on the verge of happiness
And still cannot find peace within himself

How can one help another when one cannot help himself?
Breaking the barriers that unveil the lies and bliss
But one cannot imagine the world as is inside a cage
The cage of blood and flesh that has attraction to tearing brier

The road is long and black and grey as the song begins to end
I’m not sure if it’s the end of the beginning just yet
Though I’m still within myself I leak outside
The water of my saturated salt, cry

Let me be, I am not sad
Let me live with good the bad
Spare your mercy for someone else
The injured cannot be cured with ashen shells

by Nick Korsantia

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