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A Walk In The Mist

Two strangers were engulfed inside a thick mist
Towards each other they had an attraction that they could not resist,
They could not see each other's face, so they just held each other's hand
While not knowing if the other one was a woman or a man.

They talked about truth and their life and the worlds reality
They didn't talk about prejudice or bigotry or politics or their own sexuality,
Together they just walked without knowing the shape of each other's face
They held each other's hand tightly, also not knowing of the others race.

They held each other's hand so they wouldn't get lost
They just needed a companion in this darkness and the freezing frost,
To be alone was the worse feeling each one truly believed
They needed a friend and a protector to support and not to be deceived.

Into the mist they both became body-less souls
With desires and needs, and of course their own dreams and wants and goals,
They enjoyed their time and the moments that they spent there together
How they both then wished secretly that this mist would last forever.

Religion or faith wasn't mentioned perhaps because of the mist
Without knowing each other's face they didn't have to curse or make a fist,
But, they knew that sometime soon the mist would be lifted like a veil
Then maybe the truth about each other would begin to heat up and swell.

They finally walked their separate paths with a brand new found belief
The mist had taught them that it is easier to just turn over another leaf,
Maybe now if they hear about bigotry and religion and a needing to fight
They will remember their walk in the mist, with another without body or sight.

Randy L. McClave

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