A Walk In The Rain

Warm rain swept my face as I walked the lonely road,
With the scent of sweet honeysuckle capturing the moment.
The birch trees sway gently in the windy summer rain,
And visions of childhood appear without refrain.
The sound of thunder rolls across the sky overhead,
In a clearing the lightening bolt strikes the near meadow's edge.
I've always loved the rain and never knew why.
Perhaps it was the surrendering of farm work as a boy,
That first caught my eye.
Fondest memories of rainy days have never eluded,
As I continue my walk down this tranquility so secluded,
As I near the crossroads and simultaneously the sun now emerging
Casts it's brilliant rays through the dissipating clouds and trees.
A rainbow soon visible in all the captivating colors,
Looking like a giant shroud across the summer sky.
As my walk came to an end down this remote country road,
So did the rain.
Without it I would have missed a wonderful journey
down memory lane.

by Allen T. Hunt

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